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District Court Judge Solomon Oliver Jr. Oliver is overseeing the 2015 agreement between Cleveland and the U.S. Department of Justice, which concluded that officers had shown a pattern and practice of using excessive force on people, including the mentally ill. The new policy aims to improve the safety of officers and those in crisis and to reduce the need for involvement with the criminal justice system, the court filing said. The city has been working with the Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board of Cuyahoga County, court officials and mental health and addiction specialists to create the new policy required by the agreement, called a consent decree. William Denihan, head of the ADAMHS Board, said the new policy is going to make "a huge difference" in how police treat the mentally ill. "And that's because of the total collaboration that police have demonstrated through this process," Denihan said. Officers in the 1,500 member department are expected to receive additional training this year about how to deal with people in crisis. Some officers will undergo 40 hours of training to be certified as specialists, allowing them to use discretion in deciding ชุดนอนไม่ได้นอน ราคาถูก whether someone in crisis should get treatment instead of being arrested. The policy calls for people suspected of committing felonies or crimes like domestic violence but in some type of crisis to be transported to a secure mental health facility before being arrested.

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In a pair of high-profile interviews this month, Trump made a surprise call for health insurance for everyone and cast doubt on a core plank of the House GOP tax plan, before softening both stances in subsequent interviews. GOP Rep. Mark Sanford of South ชุดนอน c2 Carolina, his state's governor for eight years before coming to Congress, said a view website chief executive needs to take a stand. "It's OK in a campaign world to cause people to not be sure of how you're going to react, it keeps them on edge and maybe not on their full game," Sanford said. "In the world of governance, it can be disastrous." Trump himself disclosed that Ryan called him up and asked him to stop talking about taxes, because "it's very complicated stuff." But in general, Ryan and other members of GOP leadership, who are in frequent contact with Trump and his top aides, tend to be sanguine about Trump's erratic public pronouncements. They say that as rank-and-file lawmakers get to know Trump better their concerns will be quieted, too. President Barack Obama came under criticism from lawmakers of both parties for his hands-off approach to Congress, his apparent disinterest in schmoozing with lawmakers or using the trappings of his office to woo them. Top lawmakers and aides say they've already impressed upon Trump's lieutenants the importance of care and feeding of lawmakers, and they predict Trump will have better congressional relations than Obama. "There's an inclination this president has toward personal relationships, meaningful personal relationships," said Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, a member of the House GOP leadership.