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Top 10 features of Japan trains

Photo by Morgan Calliope While it is well-known that trains are on time in Japan, tourists are still amazed when they find themselves exactly where they need to be, on time, when taking the train. To show how serious they are about their job, train companies hand out train delay certificates to commuters affected by delays as a legitimate excuse for being late. Japan’s infamous rush hour is a sight to behold — people packed in trains like sardines with hardly any breathing space, and even more commuters waiting on the platform. To fit the incredible number of people into the trains, stations employ “pushers” to physically push people into trains to allow the doors to close. This Japanese phenomenon is not to be missed during peak periods. You might expect a fair amount of chaos while taking the train in Japan, with the country boasting some of the busiest train stations in the world. While that might be true, the bustle in the stations is momentarily left behind between each stop as each train car is silent even when filled to the brim with passengers. There are rules that require mobile phones to be on silent mode and loud talking is also prohibited. And with most passengers compliant to the rules, you can enjoy a peaceful ride on the train. Some of the busiest stations in Japan have underground labyrinths that span across a huge area.

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Couples Trip: Bloggers recommend four destinations for a memorable getaway

Lisa and Lucas Barbar in Takayama, Japan thegrio.com She shares many of those experiences on her blog, Eat Drink Travel Mom . For couples looking to travel together, she says, “Be sure to carve out some alone time. As amazing as it is to travel in tandem, taking time to explore separately can sometimes be helpful. Even a morning coffee or massage apart can be reinvigorating. I personally love to sneak out first thing in the morning for a workout or walk on the beach. I think it makes me a better partner, in travel and in life.” Here are just a few places to consider traveling with your partner, straight from couples who have done it themselves. Best Place to Fall in Love All Over Again: Hanoi, Vietnam If you want to spark some romance, Yolanda says go east. “Hoi An is a stunning city, with graceful canals that light up at night. The ancient buildings evoke a sense of tranquility. Almost as beautiful, the capital of Hanoi is filled with architectural wonders and serene lakes. The gorgeous landscape, the rich and complex history, the food…the spirit of Vietnam just takes you in and makes you happy.

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